A student evangelical union was established in Govt. Khawzawl College.  A professor in charge is appointed every year by the Principal of the college.


  #    The full development of students’ personality in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

  •   #    Development of good manners and responsibility towards citizenship
  • .
  •   #    Developing patience, honesty, moral values, etc in the students.
  •   #    Development of the way of thinking and living at the democratic level.

                  This self supporting union raises its own fund by organizing different social work like cleaning of other vehicles, selling of ice cream, and other merchandise available items.


  • It organizes mass devotional meeting once in a month in the college campus in which Professors and other influential personalities are invited to deliver motivational speech of different subjects which ere very helpful to the students
  • It sent its delegates/representatives to the Mizoram Students Evangelical Union spiritual Convention every year
  • It has a lively standing choir which performs in different meetings and occasions. The choir even delivered songs in the MSEU spiritual convention in 2019  which was held in Govt.champhai college.


The office of the  college Evangelical Union is an elected body.The student members elected their leaders.

Leader:                      Ramhmunmawia      VISemester

Assist.Leader:         Lalengmawia             IV semester

Secretary:                 Ramthansangi           VI Semester

Assist.Secretary:     Remsangpuii             VI Semester

Treasurer:                  Zorinsangi                IV semester

Fin.Secretary           : Lalruatfela                VI Semester