Teacher In Charge: P.C Lalrindika      Assistant Professor

Lalchhanhima    Assistant Professor
An Adventure club was established at the Govt Khawzawl College. The Club has three important objectives.

  • To promote adventure sports among the youth
  • To promote integrity and solidarity through adventure sports
  • To generate a better quality of human resources through adventure sports

For every academic session, the Principal of the College has appointed a Professor in charge of the Club. The Club has organized a number of activities like trekking, training etc.
It has organized a two days TRAINING ON ADVENTURE on 27&28 June 2019 with an Instructor from 2nd IR Battalion Mr.Lalruatkima, Physical &Stress Instructor, at the College Multipurpose Hall, around the College campus and Trekking Training at Khawpuitan jungle near Chawngtlai village.
The expenditure of the training programs was funded by RUSA (Plan for innovation and Programme Cell.
Training on AdventureTraining on Adventure by Govt. Khawzawl College at Khawpuitan near Chawngtlai Village.Training on ClimbingWall ClimbingClimbing using robe