Chairman:                   Mr.R.Lalrintluanga             Principal

Member Secretary:   Mrs.Lalruatmawii                Associate Professor   HOD      Dept.of Education

Member:                     Mr. N.Umananda Singh      Associate Professor   HOD     Dept. of English

                                      Mrs.Lalramlawmi                 Assistant Professor

Functions :

1) To ensure Remedial Coaching class for Scheduled Tribes/Scheduled Castes of students with availability of funds from relevant authorities mainly UGC

2) To provide extra/special Coaching/attention to be paid to weak students/slow learners

3) To chalk out number of classes in accordance with the fund is carried out in consultation with the Principal


The University Grant  Commission through RUSA was gracious enough to sanction funds: RUSA -I, Ist,2nd, and 3rd Installment to the Govt Khawzawl College for Remedial Coaching Class under Equity Initiative Funds. The College PMU (Project Monitoring Unit) organized Remedial Classes for Scheduled Casted/Scheduled Tribe and non-creamy layers students in the College.

Remedial classes were organized on 1st October 2017 to 31st January 2018 utilizing 2nd Instalment RUSA-I funds. The 3rd Instalment RUSA-I funds were utilized in September 2019 to 14th October 2019. During this period, Remedial classes were taken from Monday to Friday, 16 classes per day were taken. The teachers besides lecturers give out reading materials, organized classroom seminars, and conduct class tests.

Almost all the teachers are engaged in Remedialclasses including one LDC and one IV Grade.

Remedial Coaching class will be organized according to the needs and availability of funds in the coming years.