Red Ribbon Club, Govt. Khawzawl College was formed on 21st July 2006 and Affiliated to Mizoram Aids Control Society (MSACS) Aizawl. Mr.K.Ziona, Associate Professor is appointed as Nodal Officer and all students of Government Khawzawl College were member of the Red Ribbon Club. From the year of 2006 onward the Nodal Officer and Peer Educators have attended different  trainings organized by Mizoram State Aids Control Society. From time to time the Red Ribbon Club organized different awareness programs like HIV/AIDS, Blood Donations, Poster Drive , Drugs Abuse and Word Aids Day.

Date and year Name of Programe Place No of Nodal Officer/Peer Educator
5th October 2006 Training of Nodal Officer.(Basic of HIV/AIDS, Scenario in Global/India/Mizoram Conference Hall, Tourist Lodge, Chaltlang,Aizawl Nodal Officer


6th October 2006 Training of Peer Team -do- Peer Educator


25th June 2008 Consultation Meeting I&PR Auditorium,Aizawl Nodal Officer-1


24th October 2008 Training of Nodal Officer&Peer Educator(Objectives, Goals, Expectation of RRC, Basic on HIV/AIDS I&PR Auditorium, Aizawl Nodal Officer-1

Peer Educator-6

26th November 2009 Training of Peer Educator (Sexual Health ,Life Skills) Central Hall, Venghlui,  Aizawl Peer Educator -1
6th-7th August 2009 2 Days Review/Consultation Meeting(RRC&Youth, Exposure visit to ICTC,ART ,Blood Bank and Hospice   Nodal Officer -1
28th )ctober 2010 Workshop/Review Meeting(Presentation of State scenario, Planning of Activities I&PR Auditorium Aizawl Nodal Officer-1





25th-26th November 2011 Training of Peer Educator(Problem & Issues of Youth, Self Esteem, Stress Management ,Life Skills) Conference Hall E&F Dept. Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl Peer Educator -10
16th September 2011 Training of Peer Educator(Blood Safety ,Condom promotion) I&PR Auditorium ,Aizawl Peer Educator -5
23th June 2011 Review/ Consultation Meeting I&PR Auditorium ,Aizawl Nodal Officer-1
20th March 2012 Training of Nodal Officer I&PR Hall, Aizawl Nodal Officer-1
2nd August 2012 Workshop/Review Meeting C.YMA Auditorium Hall,Aizawl Nodal Officer-1
22nd August 2012 Training of Peer Educator (Basic HIV/AIDS , Positive sharing, Activity Plan with group work) C.YMA Auditorium Hall,Aizawl Peer Educator -5
8th August 2013 Review/Consultation Meeting I&PR Hall, Aizawl Nodal Officer-1
4th August 2017 Training of Peer Educator RRC&NSS on Hereos Campaign I&PR Hall. Aizawl Peer Educator-2
4th July 2017 Training of Peer Educator (Vulnerability of youth against HIV/AIDS. Voluntary Blood Donation) Chandmari YMA Hall, Aizawl Peer  Educator-5
21st July 2017 Training of Nodal Officer (Concepts of Blood Donation, Healthy lifestyle, Benefits of Blood Donation Aizawl Club, Aizawl Nodal Officer-1




Date&Year Name of Programe/Activities Place
16th-17th December 2008 Awareness Campaign on HIV/AIDS Presbyterian English School, Vengthar Pastorate
24th September 2009 Awareness Campaign on AIDS

Poster drive & Celebration of NSS Day

Govt. Khawzawl College ,Khawzawl
1st December 2009 Observation of World AIDS Day Govt.Khawzawl College Hall
15th November 2010 AIDS Prevention Campaign Govt. Khawzawl College
28th September 2011 Awareness Campaign Govt. Khawzawl College
12th December 2011 Social Work (Clearing of Landslide at the College Govt. Khawzawl College
8th November 2012 HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign Govt. Khawzawl College
1st December 2013 Observation of World AIDS Day Govt. Khawzawl College
26th September 2013 Voluntary Blood Test Camp Govt. Khawzawl College
11thSeptember 2014 No Tobacco Day & HIV/AIDS  

Awareness Campaign


Govt. Khawzawl College
8th November 2014 Observation of Education Day  
10th August 2012 Awareness Campaign on Drugs

Abuse cause Unnatural Death

CODNERC Drop-in Centre, Zuchhip veng ,Khawzawl