With the keen interest of Govt. Khawzawl College Staff, the staff welfare association was formed on 8th June 2000 (Thursday). Prior to this, staff welfare management was carried out with the initiatives and direction of the Principal. The College, which was set up in 1985 to fulfill the need of the public was escalated into deficit status in 1994. The turn of a new millennium led to the thoughtful decision of forming a formal Association embodied by Office Bearers and Executive members. The Staff Welfare Association has its own Constitution duly recognized by the staff General Body Meeting. All activities of the Staff Welfare are conducted in consonance with its constitution. However, the Constitution is amendable whenever the necessity arises with the support of a two-thirds majority at the time of the General Body Meeting.



The aims and objectives of the Association are to render a bond of solidarity amongst the staff of the College, to bequeath facilitation as obligatory, and to deliberate arenas upon the up-gradation and amelioration of its members.


1) To create friendly and amicable co-operation among the staff Members.

2) To provide loan facility among the staff members without interest

3) To ensure financial assistant to deceased member in Service, and a financial package who transfers to other institutions.

4) To provide financial assistant to poor & needy students and poor patient in the local hospital & to award meritorious students.



Membership to Govt. Khawzawl College Staff Welfare is opened to all Teaching and Non-Teaching staff, by paying Rs.50/- as membership fee.


Election to the Office of Staff Welfare Association, Govt. Khawzawl College was held on 25th February 2020 (Tuesday), at Committee Room, Govt. Khawzawl College. The election was conducted by the college Principal. The following persons were elected as Office Bearers for the term of 2020-2022.

President:                          Mr. K. Ziona, Associate Professor
Vice President:                 Mr. H. Vanlalhruaia, Assistant Professor
Secretary :                         Mr. PC. Lalrindika, Assistant Professor
Asst. Secretary:               Mr. Joseph Vanlalnghaka, Assistant Professor
Treasurer:                         Mrs. Vanlalpeki, UDC
Fin.Secretary:                   Mrs. Kaphmingthangi, LDC
Executive Member:        All the Head of Departments other than those involved in
                                                 Office Bearers would genuinely be part of Executive members.


The Association is managed by the executive committee comprising of an elected Office Bearers Viz., President, Vice President, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer, and Finance Secretary. The tenure of the OB is fixed for two years. Besides, a General Meeting is held whenever necessary.


Members of the Association make a monthly contribution for the benefit of the Association and its members which became the main funding source of the Association. The rate of contribution varies depending on the post of a member. Gazetted Officers would have contributed ₹ 300/- per month, and the Establishment staff would have contributed ₹ 100/- per month.


In order to ensure the safe custody of the funds, a joint saving bank account is opened in the name of the President and Treasurer of the Association. Besides, to ensure the systematic regulation of financial accounts, the Association properly maintains its Cash Book, Loan Register, and contributory Fund Register separately. The finances of the Association are audited at least once within every term.


1) Any member who got a transfer to another college or resign or demise would automatically cease to be the member.

2) Deliberate non-payment of Welfare fund for more than 3 months would result in cessation of membership.

3) Non-abidance to laws and regulations of the Welfare Association and the Institution itself would lead to termination of membership.



Felicitation- Matrimony, necessarily acknowledged by the Association is celebrated in terms of a contribution of ₹ 3000/- (either in cash or in-kind) from the Welfare coffers.

Any Staff member who got promotion or up-gradation would be felicitated with ₹ 2000/- along with a citation.

Members who got transfer are felicitated with a sum of ₹ 3000/-.

And a member who got pension is felicitated with ₹ 10,000/- with citation.

If a member academically achieved a new degree he/she would be felicitated with a sum of ₹ 2000/-.

A sum of ₹ 1000/- is given to students who secured first division in the UG examination.

Students obtaining the top ten ranks in University examination are awarded a sum of ₹ 2000/-

Facilitation- A sum of ₹ 100,000/- is bequeathed as condolence at the demise of the member.

A member who losses his/her spouse is condoled with a sum of ₹ 10,000/-.

If a member losses his/her parents or children or sibling living along with him/her, he/she is condoled with a sum of ₹ 2000/-


A member could avail of an interest-free loan if he/she deems befitting due to financial constraints. Almost all the members had enjoyed this interest free loan and it is one of the most helpful activities of the Staff Welfare Association. A member who avail this interest-free loan is obliged to repay the loan within 5 months. The Constitution restricted a member to avail loan not exceeding ₹ 30,000/- at a time.


The College bus maintenance is done with the exchequers of the Staff Welfare Association. The Treasurer and Fin. Secretary has taken responsibility for registering separate account books in all financial matters relating to the condition and maintenance of the bus.
During the surge of Covid-19, all the staff of Govt. Khawzawl had contributed their one day salary for relief measures which is amounting to ₹ 1,03,380.00/-. Out of this a sum of ₹ 1,00,000/- is contributed for Khawzawl District Relief Fund and handed over to the Office of Deputy Commissioner, Khawzawl. The remaining ₹ 3,880.00 is also handed over to one needy student who got stranded during the ongoing total lockdown on the state.