An Alumni Association consist of the following members 

President :                 K.Lalawmpuia, Darngawn, Khawzawl

Vice President :        K.Lalthangmawia, Vengthar, Khawzawl

Secretary :                  Zothansiama Colney, Kawnzar, Khawzawl

Asst.Secretary :         K.Lalhmangaihzauva, Dinthar, Khawzawl

Treasurer :                 B.Lalhmangaihtluanga, Zaingen, Khawzawl

Fin.Secretary :           K.Lalremruata, Zaingen, Khawzawl


1) To participate in all development Programmes of the Govt. Khawzawl College.

2) To create a good academic atmosphere

3) To observe important National Days

4) To maintain friendly relationship with ex-students of the College