In accordance with the order of UGC an Anti Ragging Committee was established in the College consisting of the following members:-

Chairman:                     Mr. Umananda Singh              Associate Professor   Dept. of English

Member Secretary:      Mrs. C.Lalzeli                            Associate Professor  Dept. of Pol. Science

Member:                       1. Mrs. Lalthlamuani                Associate Professor   Dept. of Pol. Science

2.  Mrs. Kaphmingthangi          LDC

The Committee ensures that no incidence of ragging takes place in the college. All the important instructions are given to all the students at the time of admission. The committee also maintains alert vigil all time and ensures that the anti-ragging helpline of the college carries out their functions properly and efficiently.

Till now no complaint has been received since Mizo society is a very closely-knit society and a friendly relationship society, a Christian cultured atmosphere where goodness and kindness to each other governs the life of Mizo people.

Helpline: Mb -9862029228

Mb  – 9862365841