‘C ‘ grade Accredited by NAAC




Govt Khawzawl college initially named as Khawzawl College was established in 4th March 1985 under the management of the Local Board with a very few Staff of the College namely R.Lalrintluanga as Principal, Shri W.C.Thandawla M.A(Eng) and Shri  C.Laldailova MA(Pol.Sc)as Lecturer and Shri R.Vanlallawma and Shri Hmingthang Varte as Part-time Lecturer.

After passing almost nine years, this College was given permission by the Govt of Mizoram Vide Letter No.B.16019/3/88-EDC/1-2 Dated 24th July 1989 and the Government has accorded the Provisional Permission again for opening this College Vide Govt. Letter No.B.16019/5/90-EDC Dated 24th January 1990. Hence the management of the College was in the hand of the Governing Board which was selected by the Government from time to time(namely for the period of two years)representing Teaching faculties,  community lady, local prominent persons, and University, etc. The College Board was registered on 14/3/1990 under Registration No SR4 of 1990.This College got Provisional Affiliation from NEHU on 15/5/1992 Vide Letter No.CDC/A-75/99-1468 Dated 15/5/1992 and the Affiliating University had given permission for conducting Pre University Examination with effect from 1993 Vide NEHU Letter NoF.15-2/Ex/92/350/Dated 31/11/1992.This College was upgraded to Deficit Status with effect from 1st April 1994 Vide Govt Letter No.B.16013/3/90-EDC/55 Dated 22/7/94.

In 1995 Govt of Mizoram had accorded Provisional Permission to this College for opening Degree Class with effect from the Academic Session 1995-96 in the subject of English, Mizo, Political Science, History, Education and Economics Vide Letter No.B.16019/3/88-EDC Dated 9th Nov 1995.

After inspecting this College for Degree Classes NEHU also gave Provisional Affiliation for Degree Class to this College in General and Honour Courses Vide NEHU Letter No.DCD.A.78/95-96/1778 Dated 16th July 1999.

After the establishment of Mizoram University, all the Affiliated Colleges within Mizoram were transferred to Mizoram University from NEHU and this College was also applying Permanent  Affiliation to Mizoram University.Accordingly, The Mizoram University resolved to grant Permanent Affiliation to this College Vide University Letter No.MZU/CDC/32/2002 Dated 27th July 2006.

University Grant Commission (UGC) included this College in the list of College prepared under section 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC act 1956 with effect from the date of issue of the order Vide Letter No.F8-432/2005(CPP-1) Dated 20th July 2007.

With a view to attaining a qualitative improvement in Higher  Education.the Govt. of Mizoram provincialised this College with effect from the date of issue of this Notification Vide No.B16013/1/07-EDC Dated 11th Oct 2007.

All the authority exercised by the Governing Board of the College during private and Deficit Status was handover to the Government of Mizoram since this College become Provincialised College.



1)BUILDING: This College Building comprises the Administrative Building, Academic Building, Multipurpose Hall, Examination Hall, College Canteen, Library, Boys Hostel, Women’s Hostel, Students Common room, Principal Quarter, and Basket Ball court.

2)LIBRARY: The Library has collected about 5000 books mainly reference books for different subjects, Journals Magazine, and Newspaper. The Library also provides Xerox facilities to students at the concessional rate/price of cost. Computerization of the Library has been established.

3)INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Free internet Wi-fi has been provided in the College Campus. Computer Study Centre has been opened in the College in collaboration with NIELIT Mizoram which can be availed by the Students along with their regular course with very low expenses.

4) Girls Hostel and Boys Hostel are available in the College. Hostel Admission will be issued a few days after the commencement of classes according to the residential needs of the outstation students.

5)The College has Volley Ball Court and Basket Ball Court in the College Campus and used to play Football in the Public playground not so far from the College.

6)The College Canteen is located within the Campus.It provides healthy refreshment with a reasonable price for both the staff and the students.

7)The College has Badminton Court and Gymnasium for the physical well being of the students.



(a) To achieve excellence in teaching , learning, leadership in services, and community services.

(b) To be the preeminent of it centers of Scholarship in Higher Education at the under Graduate Level.

(d) To improve the infrastructural facilities to attain national standards.

(d) To provide better education to the rural poor people to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in the field of education.

(e) To provide better opportunities and skills to the students for their future.


a) The College Motto “PERSEVERANCE FOR SUCCESS” is the guiding principle of our endeavor in striving for academic excellence in humanitarian services.

b) To impact quality knowledge through effective teaching and to produce compact graduate or complete man.

c)To work for the improvement of society through social services and other extension programs.


The following Departments are available in the College:

Sl.No Department Nos. of seat capacity
1 English 40
2 Mizo 40
3 Education 40
4 Economics 40
5 Political Science 40
6 History 40

(a) The under Graduate Courses shall consist of three years with two Semester System in each year. The first Academic year shall comprise the First and Second semesters, the second Academic year comprises of the Third and Fourth Semester and the third Academic year comprises of the Fifth and Sixth Semester.

(b) Each Semester shall carry 400 Marks and the total Marks for the entire course shall be 2400.

(c) Three class tests, out of which one may be seminar/home assignment are to be conducted in each subject for continuous assessment. The average of the best two shall be considered as the mark obtained out of 20 marks. The rest 5 marks may be allotted to the attendance and classroom performance of each student.

(d) The Odd Semester(1st,2nd,&3rd) shall commence from July till mid-November and the Even Semester (2nd,4th,6th Semester) started from 16th January till the end of April in each Academic year.

(e) Semester Examination shall be conducted twice -1st May -21st May for Even Semester and 10th November-6th December for Odd Semester.

(f) No Candidates shall be allowed to appear in any course more than three chances (including Regular chance) and no Candidates shall be allowed to appear in any course beyond ten Semester of his/her first admission.

(g) A Candidate shall register his/her name with University in the First Semester.

(h) A Candidate shall be permitted to proceeds from the 1st Semester in respective of his/her failure in any of the Semester Examination subject to the condition that the candidate shall appear for all the arrear paper of each Course along with the concerned Semester Examination.

(i) A Candidate shall be eligible to appear in the end Semester Examination only if he/she attends a minimum of 75% attendance as per University ordinance.

b). Eligibility for admission:

(a)Pass in the Higher Secondary Examination or its equivalent conducted by any recognized Board by the Central or State Government.

(b)Application of admission of a candidate passing Vocational Courses may be decided by the College Principal.

c). Classification of Successful Candidates:

(a) A Candidate must secure a minimum of 40% of marks in each paper

(b)The marks obtained by a student in all six Semester shall be taken onto account while declaring the results.

(c) Grades shall be awarded on the accumulative basis of marks obtained on the core subjects in each Semester.

4.Ranking: Subject wise ranking shall be awarded. Gold Medal shall be awarded in subject wise only to those candidates who secure overall first-class position.



Grade Grade Point Classification Marks Division
O 9 Outstanding 90&above First
A 8 Excellent 80-89 First
B 7 Very Good 70-79 First
C 6 Good 60-69 First
D 5 Fair 50-59 Second
E 4 Average 40-49 Pass
F 0 Fail Below 40 Fail




  • Admission Form and Prospectus are to be obtained from the College Office during office hours. Students are advised to read the prospectus thoroughly before filling up the admission form.
  • Each Semester is consists of 4 (four ) paper of one compulsory subject(English for 1st &2nd Semester)one core subject and two Elective subjects.
  • Incomplete application and the application received after the dateline will be rejected.
  • Selection of Candidates will be based on the following criteria

I) HSSLC                                         60%

2) Marks in core subject              20%

3) Interview                                    20%



A)Compulsory Subject:

1)For 1st Semester General English-I

2)For 2nd Semester General English- II

3)For 3rd Semester M>I>L (Mizo/English)

4)For 4th Semester Environmental Studies

B)Elective Subject

A Student shall necessarily select one Core Subject and Two Elective Subject i.e. either(a)Combination or (b)Combination which are set along with the Core Subject.

Sl.No Core Subject Elective Subject/Combination(Any two)
1 English/Mizo (a)Education



(d)Political Science

2 Education (a)English /Mizo



(d)Political Science

3 History (a)Education



(d)Political Science

4 Political Science (a)Education




5 Economics (a)Education



(d)Political Science



The fee to be paid at the time of Admission for 1st  Semester will be as follows:

    1 Admission Fees 120.00 p.a
    2 Monthly Tuition Fee 600.00 p.a
    3 Affiliation Fee 20.00
    4 Enrolment Fee 100.00
    5 Registration Fee 200.00
    6 Students’ Union Fee 50.00
    7 Games Fee 50.00
    8 Magazine 300.00
    9 Students’ Aid Fund 50.00 p.a
    10 Identity Card Fee 100.00
    11 Library Fee 100.00
    12 Internal Exam Fee 100.00
    13 College Development Fund 100.00
    14 ICT Fees 200.00
    15 Medical 50.00
    16 Students Evangelical Union Fee 200.00
    17 Bus Fare (per session) 600.00
                                               TOTAL 2940.00


NOTE :   50% each of Admission Fee and Tuition Fee shall be conceded for differently

               Abled Person having Identity Card. (No.B.16014/1/2015-DTE (HTE)  :  Dt.31st March 2017)



1.         SMOKING

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the College premises and is punishable with a fine .

2.         DRINKING

Drinking of any liquor with alcohol content and taking other intoxicants is prohibited within the College campus and during College functions (College Week, Inter-College Sports, and other functions). Students found guilty of such prohibited acts are punishable by suspension from College for a period not exceeding one month. Such students will be prohibited from attending all other College activities/ functions. All kinds of unruly behavior, whether as an outcome of drinking alcohol or not, is strictly prohibited. Habitual offenders will be expelled from College.

3.         CELL- PHONES

Active use of Cell-phone/ Ipods/ Music Players during lecture classes and practical classes is not allowed. Anyone found misusing such gadgets and indulging in such acts will have the material confiscated and parents will have to collect the same, with a fine, from the Principal.

4.         DRESS CODE:

All students are expected to come to College in decent costumes. Proper haircuts/ hairstyles must be maintained by all students in and around the campus.


Students are expected to show respect to all teachers regardless of whether they are directly taught by them or not. Stern action will be taken against students who are disrespectful to teachers in words or in actions


1.         LATE ARRIVAL

Late arrival into Classrooms is a breach of discipline. A student will not be allowed to enter the Classroom  15 minutes after classes have commenced.


a)         All students are expected to appear in the class tests and all other internal examinations.

b)       All students must submit  Assignments on time. Failure to turn in such works is a breach of College Rules and is punishable.


a)         All students are expected to be regular in attendance

b)         A student must fulfill 75% monthly attendance failing which Parents/Guardians will have to meet the Principal


a)         Staying away from College without proper leave will not be tolerated, except when the case is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstance.

b)         After an absence from College, students must submit a letter of absence to the Principal duly signed by Parents/Guardians.

c)         Application for leave on Medical ground should be supported by authentic medical documents.

d)         Unauthorized absence from College at a stretch for a period exceeding 15 days may result in the student having his/ her name removed off the rolls and may not re-admitted.


Tendering one’s attendance through a proxy is a serious breach of discipline. The punishment of guilty students is as follows:

a)        For every single offense, the attendance given through proxy plus three previous classes attended by the concerned students will be summarily canceled.

b)         Students acting as a proxy and found marking attendance of classmates have three class attendance records canceled from the total attendance.


As per Supreme Court Order ragging in the College &Hostel is strictly prohibited. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority the concerned student must be punished even up to expulsion.


The College encourages all the students to participate in a variety of activities including sports and cultural programs.

All students of Govt. Khawzawl College is compelled to abide by the Rules mentioned above. All malpractices and disobedience of the above mentioned Rules will be recorded in the book of ADVERSE RECORD to be maintained by the Principal and names of offenders will be put up on the College notice board.



1) Students’ Union:

Students’ Union Body actively functions and all the students are active members providing a platform for practicing democratic governance. They work closely with the College Authority to organize events like College Week, Freshers’ Social, Awareness and raising campaigns, organizes Student Union election annually, etc.

2)National Service Scheme:

NSS Govt. Khawzawl College unit has a high profile and a long tradition in the field of service to the community and to the College neighborhood. Under the guidance of Progr Officers, the NSS provides an opportunity for the students to take part in various useful activities which are helpful in developing their overall personality through various community services in pursuance of the motto “Not Me But You”

3)Red Ribbon Club:

The vulnerability of the youth is increasing day by day. To reduce the rapid spreading of HIV/AIDS among the youth the Red Ribbon Club plays a vital role in combating the issue. This Club makes use of Peer Educator for disseminating awareness among the students through various activities.

4) Evangelical Union:

This College has an Evangelical Union to carry out the vision of the union. The E.U organizes worship service in the appointed time. A regular prayer meeting is held every weekday of the month by conducting the meeting in English and Mizo language.

5.Cultural Club:

The College has a Cultural Club to promotes opportunity for every student to experience Mizo culture,participate in educational programs and develop their creative abilities .This Club intends to promotes a Mizo dynamic cultural heritage that is preserved,used and developed.This Club is to help the students to know themself better their interest,abilities,aptitudes and opportunities to encourage and develop special abilities and right attitudes.

6.Adventure Club:

The College has an Adventure Club to promote Adventure sports among the youth,to promoteintegrity and solidarity through adventure sports and to generate better quality of human resources through adventure sports .It organises various expedition inside the state.



a)Educational Tour:

The College sends out every year a batch/batch of selected students for educational Study Tour to visit different places n India. Selection is done primarily on the basis of good performance, attendance in the academic classes, and Co-curricular activities.

b)Scholarship & Prize

Post-matric scholarships are awarded to the deserving students.

Principal Award and Associate Professors Award is to be given to 1st to 3rd  position Final students who are in or above 1st Division.





Principal:                                 Mr.R.Lalrintluanga


Mr.N.Umananda Singh            Associate Professor        Head of Department

Mrs.Lalramlawmi                      Assistant Professor

Mrs.Lalrinmawii                        Assistant Professor (Contracted)

Mr.Lalruatfela Khiangte          Casual Teacher



Mrs.Lalrinchami Khiangte     Associate Professor         Head of Department

Mrs.H.Lalthanpuii                   Associate Professor

Mr.Vanlalhmangaihsanga      Casual Teacher


Mrs.Lalruatmawii                     Associate Professor        Head of Department

Mr.R.Lalthanliana                    Associate Professor

Mr.Dr.Lalliantluanga Ralte     Assistant Professor


Mr.H.Vanlalhruaia                   Assistant  Professor        Head of Department

Miss.Laldingngheti                  Assistant Professor

Mr.K.C Lalrindika                   Casual Teacher

Mr.K.Lalhmangaihsanga       Casual Teacher


Miss C.Lalzeli                              Associate Professor         Head of Department

Mrs.Lalthlamuani                      Associate Professor

Mr.K.Lalkulhpuia                      Assistant Professor

Miss.Lalhmingsangi                  Casual Teacher


Mr.K.Ziona                                  Associate Professor        Head of Department

Mr.Joseph Vanlalnghaka         Assistant Professor

Mr.P.C.Lalrindika                      Assistant Professor

Mr.Lalchhanhima                      Casual Teacher



Mr. K.Lalzarliana                       H.A

Mrs.Vanlalpeki                          UDC

Mrs.Kaphmingthangqi           LDC

Mrs.Rosnagpuii                         LDC

Mr.Lalrosanga                           IVth Grade

Mr.C.Lalkhawngaihsanga      Lib. Assistant/Computer Operator

Mr.Lalruattpuia                         Driver

Raymond Lalmalsawma         Casual. Attendant

Mr.JH. Thangpuia                   Casual. Attendant




(Subject to modification by Mizoram University n0tification from time to time)

Sl.No Particulars Date/Month/Year
1 Admission (New &Re admission) June 2021
2 Opening of new Session 3rd July 2021
3 Freshers’ Social 27th July 2021
4 S.U Election 18th July 2021
5 1st  Internal Test August 2021
6 College Week 20th-24th August 2021
7 Submission of Home Assignment 7th September 2021
8 Filling up of Examination form 1st- 5th October 2021
9 2nd Internal Test 15th-19th October 2021
10 Preparatory leave for Semester Exam 1st-2nd November 2021
11 Completion of Internal Marks 6th November 2021
12 University Semester Examination I, III, V 10th Nov-8thDec 2021
13 Winter Vacation 8th Dec2021-15th Jan 2022
14 Commencement of Even Semester II, IV, VI 15th January 2022
15 1st Internal Test 6th-9th March 2022
16 Submission of Home Assignment 24th March 2022
17 Filling up of Examination form 29th-31st March 2022
18 Grand Dinner for Final year Students 31st March 2022
19 2nd Internal Test 17th-21st April 2022
20 Preparatory Leave for Semester Exam 25th-28th April 2022
21 Completion of internal marks 28th April 2022
22 University Semester Exam II, IV, VI 1st-21 May 2022
23 College Activities 22nd May-7th June 2022
24 Commencement of Odd Semester I, III, V 1st July 2022
25 University Sports March 2022(Tentative)