Students appearing for the Under Graduate Even semester Examination to be held on 1st January 2021 should carefully read and note the following points:

  1. A soft copy of the front/cover page sample of the answer paper will be given to students appearing for the Exam.
  2. After filling up all the required details, students are requested to convert the paper in to a PDF format for a cover page and then send back to the invigilator.
  3. The invigilator will send the Exam question through WhatsApp 5 minutes before the commencement of Exam. Invigilator will be responsible for answer receiving and printing process of the Exam paper.
  4. In every exam, all candidates should convert their final answer paper to a PDF format and the soft copy should be send to the invigilator within one hour after completion of the Exam.
  5. All students are informed to keep A4 paper for their exam. Second and Fourth semester students have to submitted their Answer Sheet in a PDF format to their invigilator after completion of exam, the invigilator will print out the answer paper, after which it will be sent to the office and subsequently to the Examiner.
  6. All students are advised to stay in the station (Khawzawl) during the examination. If a student gives the exam outside the station and face any problems regarding internet connection and vice versa, the College will not be held responsible.
  7. Image/pictures of the Answer Sheet (in PDF format) should be clearly visible.
  8. The page number should be written on each page.
  9. Students are warned not to commit cheating or use any unfair means during the exam.
  10. Students should stay alert for any updates posted on WhatsApp group for their respective paper.
  11. The Exam-invigilator will be appointed by the HoD’s from each department. The list of invigilator will be announced before commencement of Exam.
  12. Students should not gather in groups while appearing for their Exams.
  13. The subject/paper concerned teachers are expected to be on station during the examination.





Monitoring Team,Online Mode Examination


Dr Lalliantluanga Ralte


Monitoring Team,Online Mode Examination


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