Sl/No DAY TIME 9:00 Am – 12:30 Pm. B R E A K 1:00 Pm – 4:00 Pm
1 MONDAY Education Pol.Science
2 TUESDAY History Mizo & Economics
3 WEDNESDAY Pol.Science Education
4 THURSDAY English/FC/EVS Hiistory
5 FRIDAY Mizo & Economics English/FC/EVS

1) The Routine shall be effective for II,IV,VI Sem. BA  only

2) Online classes can be taken at any time during 9:30 Am – 4:30 Pm for VI Sem.

3) Details of periods within the Department shall be made by respective faculties

for all Semesters.

4) Teachers are advised to use Zoom Applications only for students convenience.

5) This Routine shall stand valid only during Lockdown and will cease as soon as

normal class begins.






Moderation Board & Accademic Committee

Govt. Khawzawl College : Khawzawl.

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